Tuesday, August 3, 2010

At long last, some photos

So with my internet connection it takes about 10 minutes to upload a picture and you have to do them one at a time. So I have edited this post very slowly over several days. Also I haven't exactly been an attentive photojournalist, so most of the really interesting things that I've done have gone undocumented. But here are captions, left to right, top to bottom. They are kind of in reverse chronological order.
1) Mom and Dad at a beach place called Dumas. Great folks
2) This is what a beach looks like in Surat during monsoon season. I know all of you are jealous, especially the Brazilians.
3) The street where I live. This is a pretty upper middle-class neighborhood, which gives you a good idea of the spacing in India. Figure it like this - they have over 3 times the population of the United States in about a third of the actual space. So the cost of land is ridiculously high, and there just really isn't all that much space for people to spread out. My building consists of three fairly narrow stories. Don't get me wrong, I'm plenty comfortable, but everyone justs lives a lot closer together.
4) Every home has some kind of a worship space. Ours is in the basement. Every morning Ba and Dada spend an hour worshipping. On the right is my big brother Pratik.
5) A street in Mumbai. I took this photograph at approximately 1 in the morning. The left side of it gives you a pretty decent idea of what a shop front in India looks like. There's an auto rickshaw, their taxi vehicle, on the right side.
6) In India, Rotary has an organization called Intaract at the high school level and Rotaract at the college level. I was summoned to a Rotaract event where a bunch of college students were to have some sort of a tree planting competition. It seemed like the only reason that I was there was literally so I could pose for this photograph. Which is something that only I have a record of. I don't know the name of the confused-looking Indian student. I haven't seen him before or since.

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  1. Man, keep posting the pictures! It's so awesome to actually SEE what is going on in your posts! :]