Thursday, July 1, 2010

Leaving Soon

On July 17th, I'm going to board a plane at the Minneapolis airport, and after nearly 18 hours of flying, with a seemingly inexplicable stop in Newark, I'm going to arrive in Mumbai at 9:00 PM. After that, I have no idea what's going to happen. Presumably someone will greet me. I can comically imagine someone waving a sign with my name in the Mumbai terminal. But after that, I can hardly guess what the following days will hold.
The website for my high school in next to useless. I've spoken to my first host family, and they definitely seem nice, but I still can have no sense of what their day-to-day life will be like. What kind of a neighborhood will they live in? Will it be easy for me to run? What kind of kids will live in the area? How do I get to school? And what will school hold, exactly? The number of unknowns that surround my impending journey is pretty ginormous. That is actually fairly exciting to me. I mean, the point of this is new, unexpected experiences, right?Certainly the coming to India is much easier than the leaving Northfield. Anyone who's talked to me about this lately would probably find me acting pretty melancholy about my early departure date. But I can't tell how excited I am to be going to India. By all accounts, it's quite a place. It was by far my first choice, so I can't complain.
Now that it comes down to it, leaving my town and the people in it is harder than I thought it would be. The closest thing I've done to this was going to Costa Rica, where I was really only isolated from my friends for a few days at the beginning. This is going to be much worse. I can think of two people that will be in this sprawling country of a billion that I will know.
I didn't make this blog to complain interminably, though, so on this joyous note, I'll close out my post. Thanks for reading. I'm sure I can provide you with some exhilarating update on the thrills of packing or something before I go.

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