Sunday, July 25, 2010

A short list of funny things that they say to me.

Some of the ways that they construct sentences are very amusing to me.
- Whenever my brothers say that an upcoming segment of a movie is funny they say "This part, it will be very very comedy for you."

- Dad was talking about Akshay Kumar, who is a ridiculously ripped movie star: "Oh man. He has a great body."

- Commentary on my running: "I believe you have transformed your body into that of a horse for running such long ways"

- My great aunt, commenting on the weight disparity of my brother Pratik and I (which isn't nearly as significant as she makes it sound) : "I want you to chop off fat of your brother and put it on you because you are far too skinny"


  1. These quotes are hilarious, Ted! I am enjoying this blog!

  2. HAHAHAHA ted i just loled a lot. your blog is super enjoyable to read, and i love your writing style, its very funny. your blog is so entertaining, not to mention interesting! keep up the good work!

  3. ditto. i keep laughing out loud so much, i love how you write exactly the way you talk so i can imagine you saying all these things. plus, everything you say is hilarious! quite quite humorous indeed, excellent job :] but it's also very informative and interesting to read. you were a good person to start off the 2010 rotary journeys. hope you're doing really well!